My word for the year is GROWTH.

I find it helpful to capture my “focus for the year” in a word, so that I can stay focused on one main thing all year. There are always things competing for our attention in life. Life is complex. Period. I am amazed at how busy we can get. It is very difficult to remain focused. They say in leadership, that “growing organizations always move towards complexity.” I believe this is truth. In addition, they also say, “that unless you put a system in place to deal with the complexities of the organization” you will always be overwhelmed and at the edges of capacity. Have a yearly word will help!

Organizations aren’t the only things that move towards complexity. I believe just about all of our world, family, relationships, etc move this way as well. So if this is the case, which I believe it is, we must put something in place to keep us out of the weeds.

Last year, my word was HEALTH. After praying and seeking the Lord, this was the word that kept sticking out in my mind. So I went with it. It really helped to keep me focused and on point throughout the year. I didn’t get everything done that I wanted to get done, but it kept me focused and when things or life got a little busy or overwhelming it was the word I could return to and find clarity and direction.

I know of one leader, who after prayerfully considering what God wanted him to do, came to the conclusion that the word that needed to guide his next year was the word, “NO!” I suspect some of you can relate to that as well. Learning to say “no” can be a very difficult discipline in life. For some of you, learning to say “yes” can be just as difficult. You always say “no” and your life is always the same.

So what’s your word for the year? If you will do this I promise it will help! Give it a try and see what happens.


Pastor Daniel