Dear Friends,

As you all know by now, there is a bad storm a comin’ and most if not all the reports say that there could be up to 10 inches of snow dropped on St. Louis between midnight and 11:00am Sunday. Many of the reports have used language like “blizzard conditions” primarily because of the winds that are suppose to accompany this storm. I always hesitate to cancel church because of weather; however, being a portable church we are at the mercy of the elements more readily.

I thought that many of you would be up for a snowball fight in the parking lot after worship this Sunday but then I considered the fact that many of you may be doing the wise thing and staying home to avoid the Cold-a-Cain of 2014.

So here is the skinny: Elevation Church will not have worship this Sunday, January 5th. We will start Cow Tipping the following Sunday, so be sure and invite someone to this new message series.

Since the church is more than a building and more than a worship gathering, I have a few suggestions for Sunday:

1. Worship at home.

This is a great time to be a spiritual leader in your home. Gather the family together  (or your roommate if you are single, or perhaps the neighbor across the hall) and host little Elevation worship experiences in your home. How cool would it be to have small morning worship gatherings happening all over the city? I suggest singing a familiar worship song (or if you don’t sing at least play one on the CD player or find one on YouTube), read some Scripture, pray, and share a nice breakfast together. If this is too much for you, you could always go online to and watch a message in our media area.

2. Serve a neighbor.

The great thing about being the church is that wherever the people of God are the church is also. So let’s be the church to our neighbors tomorrow. Let’s be the hands and feet of Jesus and shovel some snow. I don’t know if all of you have neighbors, but I suspect many of you do. Grab a shovel and some salt and go see if you can help a neighbor clear their driveway, and make sure you bring a RAVE card, so afterwards you can invite them to Elevation if they don’t already have a church home. Here are a few tips on shoveling properly.

3. Give online.  

Over 55% of people at Elevation already give online and I want to say, “thank you!” Giving online is the easiest and best way to give consistently to Elevation, so since we aren’t having worship this Sunday, it gives all of us an opportunity to try it. Simply go to and click on the button HERE to get started. Thank you again for your faithfulness giving to Christ’s church.

I look forward to seeing everyone next Sunday, January 12, 2014 as we kick off our new message series Cow Tipping with a message entitled: “My friend just got a divorce, my brother is living with his new girlfriend. Are they going to hell?” Now that is a mouth-full! Invite some friends as we tackle these questions head on!


Pastor Daniel