Daniel-Blog-about-picHi. I’m Daniel, and—in spite of me—God has given me the great honor and responsibility of leading this movement of His called Elevation Church.

My story includes clear evidence of God’s transforming love—in my own life and in the lives of people around me—and because of that I’ve felt called to be in ministry for a long time. That’s the direction I took in both undergrad and grad school (Oklahoma City University and Asbury Theological Seminary, if that’s important to you), and I’ve held various church staff positions over the last 15 years.

I’m serious about the Truth that God wants MORE for us . . . that He wants to take us higher in our relationship with Him, with other people, and in our impact on the world. I feel strongly that churches ought to welcome people as they are—in all their brokenness, with all their doubts, and in spite of their mistakes. But—and this is important—churches can’t stop there. We’re called to lead transformed lives, and God loves us too much to just leave us as we are. So, Elevation exists to not only love on people, but also to love them through that process of transformation.

As serious as I am about the Gospel . . . I don’t take myself too seriously. I’m known to break into song on occasion (read: all the time), and I like to laugh. A lot. My beautiful wife, Gretchen, and three kids (Svea, Caleb, and Evie) keep me humble and proud all at the same time, and my favorite non-churchy thing to do is watch Oklahoma football.  Boomer Sooner!  I am also known to play golf, enjoy some fantasy football and maybe a little MMA (don’t judge me), and I like to watch bullriding (really don’t judge me!).

If you have questions about who I am, what I’m about, or what Elevation’s doing, please drop me a line.

Going Higher,