It might seem like a weird thing to do, but Jesus still tells us to do it.  He tells us to go into our prayer closet and shut the door.

Now if we don’t have a literal prayer closet in our home, it doesn’t mean we are living in disobedience. However, if we aren’t regularly practicing our prayer life in places of seclusion, then we are definitely not LISTENING to the Lord and following His example.

Most of us don’t have rooms in our homes, let alone closets, that can be converted into prayer rooms.  Most of our homes are packed with people and stuff (this is a whole other sermon about how much stuff do we really need, but I digress), so the possibility of finding and transforming a closet or room into a prayer closet just isn’t real good.

Here is the question: Where can we find solitude for prayer? Jesus simply tells us to get away, get alone, and don’t babble (Matthew 6: 5-7). He also says that we should pray as if we believe that God is all knowing. In other words, believe that God’s know what we need before we even ask. That really seems to take the pressure off, huh?

Here’s a question:
Where can you go to get away?

I know many people that use their cars and their commutes to communicate with God. I have found that the car is one of the best places for me right now in my life. I don’t turn the radio on and I simply speak to the Lord and listen to what He has to say to me.

Where is it for you?

Jesus wasn’t just saying stuff to say stuff. He was serious when he told the disciples to get away, go into your prayer closet, close the door behind you, and pray expectantly. The very fact that Jesus said it makes it worth our consideration.

Here are a few suggestions:

1. Use a specific room for prayer in your house. Make is comfortable and designate it as your prayer room or even prayer corner in your office.

2. Use your car as a place to communicate with God. Turn the radio off and talk with the Lord.

3. Practice regular silence and listening. I suggest daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. Could you take 5 mintues a day, 30 mintues a week, 1 hour a month, and 1 day a year? Plan it now or it won’t be a priority. Put it on the calendar.

4. Use the Lord’s Prayer as your model for praying. Memorize it if you haven’t already. Repeat it throughout the day.

5. Practice prayer-walking with the Lord’s Prayer. Walk through you neighborhood praying for the Kingdom to Come, and the Lord’s will to be done in your neighborhood. Prayer-walking is a very powerful exercise.

6. Write it down. When the Lord is speaking you should write it down. Go and buy a cheap notebook that you keep with your Bible and use it to write down the activity of the Lord.

I pray that you find this helpful. Blessings!

Pastor Daniel