I always love February because it gives me an opportunity to very naturally talk about relationships. Did you know that God cares deeply about our relationships? He wants us to have great friendships. He wants us to have great marriages. We wants us to to have romance. He even wants us to have great sex. He simply wants to make sure that we enjoy all of these in the context of His created order and design. If we do it His way, we always win! If we don’t, the opposite is true.

Last year in February, we hosted our first Valentine’s Dinner at Andre’s in Fenton. We had over 100 people attend and almost half of those people were unchurched. It was a great time and a great outreach for our church. Our mission is to make disciples. This event allows us an opportunity to invite friends, family members, or co-workers to a non-threatening environment where they can have fun, rub shoulders with believers, and have more fun.
I would like to make this year‘s event even better than last year! On February 13, 2014, we will be hosting another Elevation Valentine’s Dinner. Can you help make it a success? I am asking THREE things:
1. Come and have a great time (buy a set of tickets and get two FREE tickets).
2. If you can, buy a whole table. This means you will buy four tickets and get four free tickets to invite people to share your table.
3. Pray that God will make a connection with people far from Him and His church, so that they may find their way home to Christ.
You can buy tickets online or in the lobby at church.
Thanks again for helping to make this outreach event a great success!
Pastor Daniel