Have You Ever Been Sucker Punched?

One day every thing is perfect and the next day BAM. Out of nowhere someone or something hits you, and you find yourself lying on the ground thinking, “what the HECK happened to me?”

Just yesterday everything was great, and now you’re busted up and bleeding.

Now, there are two types of people: those who have taken it to the chin and those who have not.

If you haven’t taken it to the chin…know that it’s coming. The Bible says, “PRIDE comes before a fall.” Life will not always be neat and tidy.

So, what kind of foundation are you building on?

People are fickle and opportunistic.
When you’re up, everyone wants to be your friend, but when your down, suddenly no one is around.
Your friends are the ones who stand behind you when everything falls apart.
And remember that God will never forsake you.

You will get knocked down, so be prepared.

Maybe you are on the ground right now, or you are trying to get your senses back… God has a word for you today:


Let me say that again, “YOU CAN RECOVER!”

When you’re knocked down the only place to go is up. You’ve gone through hell and now you don’t have anything else to lose.

Winston Churchill said, “If you are going through hell, keep going!” Don’t stop; keep going. One big difference between people who have taken it to the chin and those who have not is that people who have been through HELL recognize that they need HELP. This is a great place to be. You aren’t struggling with pride; you are struggling to get back up.

The truth: there isn’t anything more dangerous than someone making a comeback.

When the rose colored world that someone was living in is gone, they are ripe for increase.

When you don’t have anything to lose, you can fully embrace the presence and power of the Lord, and that makes you dangerous.

So, GET UP! Don’t just lie there on the ground. You can recover from this fall. Allow the Lord to heal you and empower you for the work He has planned. GET UP! GET UP! GET UP!

The devil had no idea what he was getting into when he knocked you down!

Because when you get back up, you are going to be stronger and more dangerous for the Kingdom of God than ever before!

If you are struggling with a fall or know someone recovering from one, check out T.D. Jakes sermon “You Can Recover From A Fall”.