I really don’t like to cancel church. Period.

However, this winter we have canceled twice. Once for a blizzard and once for a super snow storm named Titan (Why do we always give storms names? Weird).

Anyway…back to my point. For me, canceling church feels like we are somehow losing the cosmic battle between good and evil. I know I’m a little weird, but that’s how I feel about it.

I was raised up under leaders, who fundamentally believed, that one should NEVER cancel church – regardless of the weather.

I tended to believe this, until I became a church planter and realized that, since our church is portable, getting our tabernacle from point A to point B is a little different than your average established church situation.

Over the next few days, I want to share a few reflections about God and His church that I have gleaned from canceling church.

First, Jesus has already won the battle.

It is easy to forget this FACT. It doesn’t always feel like this when you have to cancel church or when life punches you in the face.

Many times we allow our circumstances to get in the way of the truth. Jesus is victorious. The battle has been won. Jesus is still on the throne, even when we cancel church or someone in our family is really sick.

It is hard to remember this, or greater yet, hard to believe it when someone or something that care about is hurting or suffering.

Our circumstances, never change the character and nature of Jesus. God’s promises are always true, regardless of our pain.


Pastor Daniel