This day strikes fear in the hearts of many pastors and preachers. It can be like trying to walk across a field full of landmines and not lose a limb or better yet your life.

If you have pastored very long you know exactly what I am talking about. So for all you pastors out there sucking your thumb in the corner hoping you don’t mess it up I have a few suggestions that may help.

1. Carefully consider the wide range of mother-types.

This will help you avoid saying something flippant or excluding someone, unintentionally. Here is a very good resource for doing this: Mothers – Resource

2. Talk through your message with a few seasoned veterans of motherhood.

Invite their critique so that you can effectively communicate the gospel and the love that God has for moms. Again, remember the goal is to communicate the best you possibly can.

3. DON’T be afraid to preach reconciliation and forgiveness.

As we all know, many families function with a certain level of brokenness and secrets, that may be straining all relationships in the family. I am sure we have heard the old adage, “If mamma isn’t happy, then nobodies happy.” Calling for forgiveness and reconciliation can be a very helpful thing on Mother’s Day. It might be the only time all year they are all together in one place.

4. DON’T have mothers stand up on Mother’s Day.

I repeat DON’T have mothers stand up. This one might sound a little weird, but just trust me. I have it on good authority that this is always a bad a idea. If you’re struggling with this one, simply ask yourself, “Would you like to be singled out as not being a mother at church, especially if you really long to be a mother?

I hope all goes well on Mother’s Day at your church. We do a thing at Elevation called “Bring Yo’ Momma to Church”. It has been really a fun day. I even fly my mother in for the festivities. We encourage everyone to invite their mom if they can. We give flowers, cupcakes, and even hold a drawing for some lucky mom to win a really nice gift.


Pastor Daniel