This past Thursday I had the pleasure of hearing various church leaders speak at The Elephant Room Conference. It was nice to hear directly from THEM instead of all the Pharisaical blog-bombers who criticize them.

Leading people at their level can’t be easy; we should all have a little more empathy for them.  Take time to pray for them instead of criticize.

It was so refreshing to hear them discuss critical issues in the Church, but also to see their hearts for the gospel and for people.

After hearing from Mark Driscoll, I gained more respect for him and what he is trying to do (even though I would disagree with him on several matters).

And he definitely had one of the funnier lines of the conference when he described himself as a Calvinist: “I’m a Calvinist; it’s duck, duck, damn!”

…I don’t care who you are, that’s funny!

Driscoll also said, “God’s plan A is humility; God’s plan B is humiliation.”  What a strong point!

David Platt was extremely humble and thoughtful.  He had some amazing things to say about the church being active in the issues of poverty, but more importantly in reaching out to the thousands of unreached people groups around the globe.

Steven Furtick rocked the house.  I loved seeing such a young leader stand tall in a crowd of veteran leaders!

Perry Noble was funny and defended his positions on bringing secular music into worship experiences.

McDonald couldn’t see the importance of showcasing the song “Highway to Hell” in a worship gathering, but I thought Perry was able to communicate the role of the church in redeeming culture.

It was a good conference.  It also had one of the best introduction videos.  Check it out:

God bless these men, their families, the ministries, and their churches!