There is a company that has designed and developed a presentation software for church worship experiences cleverly titled, “Easy Worship.” I never really thought anything about it, other than it being a clever name that described what they hoped would be the experience people had when trying to use it in worship. Then I read this:

“So on the advise of his counselors, the king made two golden calves. He said to the people,’ It is too much trouble for you to worship in Jerusalem…” -1 Kings 12:28 (NLT)
I am not bagging on the worship presentation software groups, who try to make our lives easier, but after reading this verse and studying the context of what was happening in Israel at the time, I was struck by the phrase, “too much trouble” for people to worship in Jerusalem because of distance.
Two things I want to point out:
1. The king is manipulating the people for his own gain. 
At this time in the history of Israel, the kingdom of David has been divided into two different kingdoms. There is the tribe of Judah in Jerusalem (which is the dynasty of David), and the everyone else called Israel. The king of Israel at the time is trying to make sure that Jerusalem doesn’t get his people’s temple offerings, so he devises a plan to make sure that doesn’t happen. Hence, the statement to his people that to worship in Jerusalem is too far and too much trouble. He is manipulating them to get what he wants. He doesn’t have their best interest in mind at all.
2. Is it ever too much trouble to worship God? 
This thought has stuck with me. We want everything to be easy. We want easy dinner. We want easy technology. We want easy relationships. We want easy worship. As a matter of fact, we even want easy faith that requires nothing from us at all. We want the benefits of the relationship without having to put anything in. We want God to meet all of our need (which he does already) without having to give anything in return. The great thing about God’s grace is that it is a gift. There is nothing we have to do to deserve it. However, the natural response from the follower of Jesus will be worship. Why? Worship is a by-product of a received grace and love. It isn’t nor should it ever be “too much trouble” to worship God, period.