We started sign-ups for small groups this past weekend and had a great first week!  A goal I have as a pastor is to fill our small groups to the brim with people, so that small groups become the primary place people in our church are being discipled. This isn’t just lip service. This is something I fundamentally believe is essential for the health of our church.

You have probably heard people say, “That church is just too big!” I am not sure a church can be too big, but I do believe that if a growing church doesn’t get smaller as it gets larger, discipleship will begin to slow and potentially stop altogether. That’s a scary thought, isn’t it?

I have also heard people say, “I just don’t feel connected at this church.” [WARNING: Harsh, but loving statement coming] The reason you don’t feel connected it is probably two-fold:

1. You aren’t actively participating in a small group, and

2. You aren’t actively using your God – given gifts and talents to advance the church you regularly attend.

This can change. Don’t let the devil steal your opportunities to grow. Make a decision in 2014 to get involved and take responsibility for your discipleship. Join a small group, TODAY!

Simply go to www.elevationSTL.com and get signed up.


Pastor Daniel

P.S. Our new process to serving and leadership in the church called GROWTH TRACK is starting on February 2nd. If you want to get more involved I want to strongly recommend you attend the four classes being offered.

We will offer

Church 1.0 on the first Sunday of the month.

Essentials 2.0 the second Sunday of the month.

Discovery 3.0 the third Sunday of the month.

Dream Team 4.0 the fourth Sunday of the month.

These classes can be taken in whatever order you want; they are immediately after church at Ronnie’s, and lunch is provided.