It’s Day Two of the reflections about God and His church that I gleaned from canceling church this past Sunday.

This is a big one: we canceled worship, not church.

In our culture, worship is a catch all for a variety of things from singing, to preaching, to announcement, to communion, etc. It really means that a group of people got together and did all of these things or some combination of these things.

It usually, means, there was a building involved (even though we know the church isn’t a building…we remember the song…), people gathered together, did some stuff, and then went home. I am sure you are getting the point.

God reminded me again, that the worship isn’t the church. We canceled the gathering of people, but not the church.

The church is greater than one gathering.

The kingdom of God is bigger than one gathering.

The church is really every believer united, wherever they are, loving God and loving people.

In other words, the church can still be the church regardless of whether or not we were able to get together.



Pastor Daniel